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It was 2010 when adrenalinemedia saw the light of day.

Two years earlier, the founder, MA Buth, gave a lecture on a new, lucrative business model: the recycling of used IT hardware in an IT company. The idea was enthusiastically received by those present - but never implemented. Then the author of the study decided to implement the business plan himself. But here, too, fate turned out to be capers and nothing came of the award-winning and funded project for the time being ...

So what to do with all the research, contacts and knowledge?

"If I can't do it myself, why not share the knowledge and give others the opportunity to implement this idea?"

And so a book series was created that is still unique in Germany today. Initially as a disorganized collection of sources and own translations, mainly from English. Little by little in compact book form. The concentrate from many months of research and own experiments in a generally understandable and practical format. And it has stayed that way to this day: Compact facts for quick entry into interesting new business areas, such as electronics recycling or 3D printing .

The ideas that are drafted and examined here are always a decade ahead of their time.

The added value for adrenalinemedia readers: You save valuable time and money and benefit from the authors' experience on a brand new topic. With editorial and technical support, they offer opportunities to build a business model that is oriented towards the future.

adrenaline media

  • researches interesting new business models for its readers.

  • critically tests new business areas that are suitable for small start-ups. translates foreign language specialist articles and news

  • provides all of the information in a focused manner that makes an assessment of the idea

  • does the math and finds the sweet spots and stumbling blocks of new business models

The books, seminars and products from adrenalinemedia save a lot of time and provide an overview and an assessment of the suitability of new, unconventional business models!

Books and e-books mainly in German are our focus. But our English-language titles are also very popular, from the USA to Japan.

We are leaders in the thematic niches that we serve - worldwide.

adrenalinemedia is now a small, growing family-owned publisher.

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