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Find Gold with your Smartphone! FREE Access!

Discover the future of gold identification with "IsItGold" - the groundbreaking app revolutionizing how we perceive, evaluate, and understand gold objects. Harnessing the unparalleled power of Artificial Intelligence, IsItGold serves as your personal goldsmith expert, providing precise assessments of jewelry, coins, ingots, and any gold-bearing item's type and value. Whether historical or contemporary, unearth the age, origin, and authenticity of your gold items without the need for destructive tests or expensive equipment.

Key features include:

- AI-Powered Analysis: Dive deep into the world of gold with AI that evaluates objects based on more than just their surface, offering insights into whether they're solid gold or merely gold-plated.

- Historical Insights: Discover the untold stories of your items, learning about their historical significance and potentially higher value beyond mere material worth.

- Destructive-Free Testing: Say goodbye to toxic acids and costly tools. IsItGold's non-invasive approach respects your items' integrity while delivering reliable results.

- User-Driven Improvement: Share your results, rate the accuracy, and provide feedback to tailor the app to your unique testing needs, enhancing precision over time.

- Professional Reporting: Generate PDF reports for your clients, offering them professional-grade expertise and adding value to your services.

- Uncover Hidden Treasures: Find gold in the most unexpected places—from everyday items to nature's hidden gems.


Ideal for collectors, hobbyists, and professionals alike, IsItGold invites you to explore the fascinating world of gold in items around you. With best practices for optimal results and a user-friendly interface, your journey into gold discovery starts here. Experience the novelty of AI technology in gold testing and be part of a community shaping the future of precious metal identification.

Join in our FREE beta testing programm for iOS and Android:

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