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The first comprehensive book on the subject of 3D printing and self-employment on the German market. The classic from 2013 is still important today when it comes to showing the development of the FDM 3D printer scene. Based on two projects of the time (including RepRap), the author MA Buth recorded all of the information and trends that were important at the time. A document from the early days, the "wild days" of this fascinating technology.

Original blurb first edition:

3D printers are changing the world just like computers once did. Build your existence in this future market! This book tells you everything you need to know on the subject if you are thinking of entering this market professionally or independently. Current technical backgrounds and economic relationships are presented, as well as addresses and websites of important suppliers and sources of information. It deals with questions of financing, subsidies, patents, concrete business ideas in the 3D print area with numbers, prices, etc. Unfortunately, most of the information on the subject of 3D printing has so far only appeared in English. With this work you can finally get a complete picture of this fascinating new market. This will keep you up to date and enable you to better assess and plan independence. Over 350 pages of concentrated information, more than 70 images, some unpublished, conveyed in a refreshingly entertaining way of writing, as you know it from the author who worked with 3D printers in pioneering days. The open source project RepRap is shown in its current development phase. A construction manual for a Deltabot 3D printer and extensive, valuable information in English have been translated into German for the first time. This book is an indispensable reference work and valuable advisor.

Or to put it another way: 3D technology and business explained in an understandable way!

3D printer: technology & business

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