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The bestseller is now in its 4th edition!

Electronics recycling guide that provides key procedures, dates, and information for recycling. Many disused computers and smartphones contain valuable precious metals and other rare substances. A new recycling industry is emerging - and even newcomers have the chance to build a foothold on the side or on a permanent basis. But how do you know which electronics are valuable and which are just scrap value? This book provides information on these and many more questions. It shows typical processes for gold extraction from PC and mobile phone, the technical background and the basics. Numerous illustrations explain exactly what to do and how to extract gold and other precious metals from PCs and cell phones. Where to buy and sell them.

Topics from the content:

  • What means and processes are there to extract gold and silver from old computers?
  • The costs and risks
  • Sources of supply for scrap gold (scrap gold) and aids
  • Important internet addresses
  • Gold scrap and electronic scrap suppliers
  • Tables with data on the gold content of PC components

In addition, linked videos specially tailored to the book explain the exact process of promoting gold scrap. The first German-language book on the topic provides an up-to-date overview and generally understandable answers despite the technically demanding topic.

Can be ordered from adrenalinemedia or from the sales partners listed on the right under "Sources of supply".

Gold from PCs: manual for beginners

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  • Black and white edition

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