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Is it white gold or stainless steel? Or even platinum?

The Bozz.Tech MTI00X Mini can recognize precious metals and differentiate many metals non-destructively.

The compact device can be placed on any desk and quickly analyzes metallic objects.

Is it costume jewelry or a valuable brooch?

Found items or incomplete jewelry without a stamp are often not easy to distinguish.  This test device helps you  whether at the flea market or when making private purchases.

Dental gold or worthless titanium?

You can also use the test device profitably for dental alloys. Dental gold does not have to be shiny gold. The addition of other precious metals such as palladium can discolour dental gold white. Outwardly  the value can no longer be recognized this way. Here, too, you can see the true value of the dental alloy with the MTI00X.

A single test can amortize this investment again!

You will be amazed as you walk through a few pieces of metal in their possession, where gold, silver and platinum are everywhere! Electronic components, found objects from the playground or a bus stop, a box of supposed "costume jewelery", broken tooth crowns, etc. Precious metals can be found everywhere and often where you do not suspect it! 

Easiest operation - quick results

The Bozz.Tech MTI00X Mini does not require any complicated training. The metal part to be tested is placed on the test platform and contacted with a clamp. The device reports back immediately on the display when metal has been detected and then starts the test independently. This takes about 90 seconds. During the test you will receive feedback from the colored LEDs about what this is: red stands for worthless base metals, yellow for silver and alloyed gold and blue for pure silver, gold, palladium, platinum, etc.

In the course of the test, the exact composition of the metal is then narrowed down and further refined.

At the end the analysis appears. You can also let the test run longer to confirm and further refine the results.

You can abort the test at any time and start again by re-running or a slightly different positioning. No setting needs to be made for this, no button needs to be pressed. The device automatically detects when it has to start testing.

Non-destructive test!

Many test methods for the detection of precious metals require samples of the object. A part of the metal must therefore be abraded in order to dissolve it in acid for analysis, to burn it, etc. Even simple tests with the acid stone require that possibly valuable jewelry has a  black stone slab is scratched.  

This is not the case with the MTI00X! The expensive jewelry remains undamaged. It is not exposed to acid, not filed, scratched or otherwise damaged, which would ultimately reduce the value of a piece of jewelry.

Clean and Safe!

In contrast to other methods, the MTI00X does not use any acids or other toxic substances!

It is also safe to use because no X-rays or strong ultrasound are used, as is the case with other devices.

Top price / performance ratio

For this low price we know  no comparable or even better test for precious metals. A single fund can amortize this investment!


Equipment features:


Metal detection:

12  Metals


Base metals:









Precious metals:







Internal battery operation:



Optional evaluation via Windows software:


Metal tester Bozz.Tech MTI00X V2

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