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The shine of silver has always fascinated people. Its extraction led and still leads to raids, wars, clearing of forests and much more. Nowadays, however, silver is not only used as a valuable metal and means of payment, but also preferred in technical products due to its special chemical and physical properties. Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity, it is an excellent conductor of heat, it kills bacteria, its connections change color when exposed to light and much more. However, the question now arises as to how and whether this silver can be economically recovered after it has fulfilled its function. There are a number of methods and ways to do this, some can only be used industrially, others in a garage or a well-equipped workshop. In this book we deal with the known and established processes that allow everyone to recover silver from everyday objects or technical products.

Silver from scrap

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  • Printed book

    Language: German

    182 pages with color illustrations

    Format: 15 x 1 x 22 cm

    Weight approx 500g

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