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Gold is everywhere!

"The Gold Hunter's Guide: A DIY Handbook for Gold Recovery" is the ultimate resource for anyone who has ever dreamed of striking it rich by discovering and extracting gold in e-wastes. Whether you're a seasoned refiner or a beginner looking to get started in the exciting world of gold hunting, this comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to succeed.

From the basics of gold prospecting e-waste to the latest techniques and technologies for gold recovery, "The Gold Hunter's Guide" covers everything you need to know to find and extract gold from the electronic and more. The book begins with an overview of the different types of gold deposits that can be found in everday items. It then goes on to cover the tools and equipment you'll need to get started.

Once you've learned the basics, "The Gold Hunter's Guide" takes you step-by-step through the process of finding gold, from researching potential electronic components. You'll learn how to use your tools to test for gold and how to read the signs that indicate the presence of gold. And once you've found some gold, the book provides detailed instructions on how to extract and refine it, including techniques for filtering, grinding and using chemical processes to separate gold from other materials.

But "The Gold Hunter's Guide" isn't just a technical manual - it's also packed with practical advice and tips from experienced gold hunters. You'll learn how to stay safe, and how to deal with the legal and environmental issues. 

Whether you're interested in gold recovering from e-waste as a hobby or as a potential source of income, "The Gold Hunter's Guide" is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to strike it rich. With its clear and concise instructions, comprehensive coverage of gold hunting techniques and technologies, and practical advice from experienced gold refiners, this book is an essential reference for anyone who wants to make their fortune in gold.

The author, a German engineer, was born in 1967 and spent 20 years developing and producing electronic circuit boards. He then focused on dismantling, recycling, and downsizing electronics, and now works as a freelance journalist and author specializing in technical and economic issues.

The Gold Hunter's Guide: A DIY Handbook for Gold Recovery

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